This site is targeted to those interested in news, internet marketing, SEO, link building, social media, blogging and ppc.

Around 75% of the audience is from the USA, 5% from the UK and the rest made up of India (5%), Canada (5%), and Australia (4%) with the remaining percentage coming from all over the world.

We offer 2 different advertising options for small business owners and larger corporations.

Option 1-Sponsored Blog Post- Estimated cost is between $250-$1K per article

This is the ultimate advertising option on the blog.

A post about your service or product personally hand written by me and promoted to my audience. We have a reputation for producing high quality, engaging, helpful content and can do the same for you.

If you want a video producing to compliment the post it will cost +50% of the current sponsored blog post rate.
We will assign a writer of your choosing to provide an honest and upfront review of your product/service and where possible deliver transparent case study results of how it performed in a live case study.

If you are willing to offer prizes for a competition and an exclusive discount you can remove the sponsored messaging and get additional exposure as well as a burst of sales.

Please be aware if your product/service performs poorly that will be reflected in the review without refund. Our readers rely on my upfront, straight to the point transparency. Sponsored post or not this will remain true.

We’re happy to let you know in advance if you are likely to receive a positive or negative review.

Option 2- Banner Ads – Estimated cost is $5 per 1K impressions. Estimated monthly volume is approximately 500K

We have 3 banner ads on all article pages and you are free to choose any of them. You will be responsible for any creative media needed.

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