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Madeline Stuart

Gorgeous Woman With Down Syndrome Steals New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. A lot has happened during the past week with amazing parties, happening all throughout town, as well as new collections and concepts, which will set the
Black Bear Cubs

Colorado Man Faces Felony Charges and Potential Fines for Shooting Black Bear Cubs

A black bear with 2 cubs appeared in the foothills west of Denver, trying to find some food in the garbage. Their visit ended in both cubs being shot, as a homeowner felt endangered by the situation and fired in the
Baltimore Police Arrest

Maryland Attorney General Issues New Police Guidelines Limiting the Profiling of Suspects

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh recently issued new guidelines with the goal of limiting police officers from profiling suspects. The police will be able to carry on investigations only after obtaining credible information about a suspect. If they don’t meet these
Mark Rosenthal

Obamacare Forces Man with Multiple Sclerosis to Seek Life-Saving Surgery in Mexico

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is often called, was enacted to provide Americans with affordable health insurance plans and access to quality health care services. So far, the results have been mixed depending on who you ask. In
Rob Zink

Police Officer Creates Program to Train Fellow Officers About Autism

A Minnesota police officer and father of three is making it his mission to train and educate fellow law enforcement on how to handle people with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rob Zink is a veteran police officer, and two of his
trailer fire

Heroic Dog Saves Man From Being Burned Alive

Recently, a dog saved the life of a Wisconsin man who was trapped inside his burning trailer home on Saturday. The 61-year-old resident of the Kansasville trailer park was rescued and taken to the hospital, where he was treated for burns
marijuana and money

Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenues Are as High as the People

Since Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age or older in 2012, business has been growing, bringing more and more money to the state budget. State budget income from the cannabis sector nearly doubled from $25 million
David Repsher

Flight for Life Paramedic of Downed Helicopter Fights for His Life

An investigation entailing the crash of a fatal Flight for Life helicopter crash that occurred in Colorado in early July is currently ongoing. The chopper crash occurred on July 3 just after it took off from St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center
Dwayne Gentles and puppy xray

New York Man Jailed for Beating Puppy to Death

29-year-old New-Yorker, Dwayne Gentles has been accused of beating up a puppy almost to death and has been sentenced to one year in prison. The jury verdict is the highest penalty allowed by law regarding the misdemeanor, injuring an animal. In
woman holding pink pill

Female Viagra Gets FDA Approval Sparking Controversy

The Food and Drug Administration, after years of attempts, has approved flibanserin, the ‘female viagra’ pill which will be sold under the name of Addyi. The medicine is supposed to be a remedy for what the doctors call: hypoactive sexual desire