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Target Porn Audio

Target Shoppers Freak Out To Hearing Porn Over Intercom

Target shoppers got more than they bargained for Wednesday when they were greeted with hearing Porn audio over the intercom system at a San Jose, California store location. Gina Young was shopping with her twin children when she started to hear

Texas Woman Asks Facebook Friends to Shoot Her Dog

Recently, a woman from Troup, Texas, stirred up a lot of emotions on Facebook when she requested that somebody come over to her house to shoot her dog. She was tired of taking care of the dog and apparently was upset
Jennifer Cramblett

White Woman Sues Sperm Bank for Impregnating Her With Black Donor Sperm Loses in Court

A white woman accidentally impregnated with a sperm of a black donor decided to sue the sperm bank and demand compensation, but the court in DuPage county, Illinois, DuPage County  threw out the lawsuit due to the lack of legal merit.  just
Children Fighting

New Jersey Daycare Providers Charged with Operating Kiddie Fight Club

When you are a parent, you want only the best for your children. They should be taken care of and protected from danger. This should be done not only by yourself but also other people, the children meet in their life,
WiFi Signals

Parents Sue the School of Their Son Because of Wi-Fi Signals

Wi-Fi devices are suspected of influencing people’s bodies more than we tend to think. Despite the fact, that the problem has been researched for a while we still cannot be sure what is the real impact of Wi-Fi on our health.
Michael Bowen

Portland Man Lures 10-Year-Old Girl for Sex

Michael Bowen, 22, from Portland, Oregon, was arrested for trying to meet a 10-year-old girl allegedly with the purpose of having sex with her. Several charges were filed against him, including luring a minor and attempted rape in the first degree,
Petit Bé Fort Vauban

Romantic Getaway Ends in Tragedy When French Couple Falls to Their Death Having Sex

Vauban Fort, a historic castle situated on Chausey Archipelago, France, is a beautiful historic site. The islands overlook the sea near northwestern France, and a moat encircles the crumbling castle walls. In the sunset, the brown walls take on a reddish
Kitt Darrant and Renette Emile

Miami Teen Sentenced to Jail for Stabbing His Mother Over 100 Times

After three long years when Kitt Darrant (now 19) murdered his 35-year-old mother, the court sentenced him to 28 years in prison. Renette Emile was killed by her son in March 2012 after the teenager came home from school one day.
man watching porn

U.S. Federal Court Allows Sex Offender to Watch Porn

A Federal Appeals Court recently overturned an earlier decision to allow a convicted sex offender the ability to watch porn based on the argument of the First Amendment, which recognizes The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a three-way on Aug.
french mastiff

Amazing Man Rescues Dog Who Was Buried Alive

When Pedro Dinis of Carrieres-sur-Seine, France, went to walk his dog, he didn’t expect to find an example of animal cruelty that would send the Internet into an uproar. Dinis was walking his dog down the road when he noticed something