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The Grateful Dead Logo

Grateful Dead Farewell Tour Tickets Are Going for up to $15,000

The four surviving members of The Grateful Dead will reunite for three final shows in July of this year. This will be their last tour with the rest of the band back together, a farewell to the band and a tribute
grovetown prisoner pink uniform

Georgia Prisoners Required to Wear Pink Uniforms

Forget what you saw in Orange is the New Black. That’s not how inmates look. At least not their clothing. In Georgia, they are dressed in bright pink colored prisoner uniforms. Chief Gary Jones is the man with the bright idea
Paulette Clancy and Jonathan Lunine

Scientists Release New Theory About Possible Life on Titan

Among today’s most common question is, “does life exist on other planets?” Some type of life must exist in the vast universe. Eager to provoke curiosity, some internet sites published fictitious claims about life on Saturn’s Moon, Titan. It is among Website

Boston Man Sells Snow Across the Country

Business people are always thinking of new ways to make money. It doesn’t matter if it is winter, cold, and they get pains in their back shoveling the snow in the yard. Kyle Waring from Boston suddenly got a brilliant idea
Scott Walker

Wisconsin Lawmakers Enact Right-To-Work Law

Wisconsin senators announced this month that the state was about to join the right-to-work movement. The statute is specific for 25 states and comprises prohibitions regarding union security agreements, as well as interdicts agreements between labor unions and employers. Simply said, it
Conventional apple vs Artic apple

USDA Reconsiders Policy Regarding Genetically Modified Crops

Non-browning apples, those fruits that do not go brown when cut and the flesh is exposed to the air, have finally been approved for human consumption. As genetically modified, they were always looked to as a potential threat to human health.
Main health effects of sleep deprivation

New Study Shows Correlation Between Sleep Loss and Diabetes

There are so many people who don’t get enough sleep and then complain of various health problems. Usually, lack of sleep causes fatigue and problems with focusing. Recently, doctors have linked sleeplessness with other more serious health issues, like diabetes. Dr.
lady zunga colombia

Colombian Woman Changes Her Name to Every Letter in the Alphabet

The world is full of funny names. Some people’s names make you laugh, others are impossible to pronounce and make their owner’s lives complicated. Usually, those people would like to change their names to something that makes getting acquainted a bit
Robert Klemish

Landlord Shoots Tenant in Butt After Being Refused Cigarette

If you thought your landlord was bad, just wait until you read about this one. On Monday night, a frustrated Pennsylvania landlord was accused of shooting one of his renters in the butt when said renter refused him a cigarette. The
Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Community College Now Offering Marijuana Management College Courses

In what is perhaps one of the most unique courses to be taught in colleges, Professor Shad Ewart, in collaboration with Anne Arundel Community College, is offering a business course on the available business opportunities and possibilities that the marijuana industry