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United States of America Capital Building

Over 540,000 People Signed Petition Opposing Net Neutrality Rules

Those who oppose the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) net neutrality rules are 540,000 strong in making their voices heard. More than 540,000 people signed petitions that were sent to Congress this week saying that they do not agree with the
Dr. Michael Shannon and Chris Trokey Embracing And-Smiling

Paramedic Helps Rescue Doctor Who Saved His Life as a Baby

A doctor and paramedic who saved each other’s lives 30 years apart were recently rejoined at an event to raise cancer awareness. Four years ago, Dr. Michael Shannon was trapped in a burning vehicle. A semi-truck careened into his SUV and
DEA Seal

DEA Agents Held Sex Parties With Women Hired by Cartels

Recent reports show that agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration not only did not do their job in not shutting down drug cartels, but held sex parties with women hired by the cartels and also tried to cover up evidence. It
man and woman erectile dysfunction

German Scientists Testing Out New Light Method to Combat Male Erection Problems

Viagra made a huge entrance when it was first released. Does it really help? Does it have side effects? Whatever the risks were, some people didn’t seem to think of the possible consequences later on in life. As the concern about

Three Year Old Girl Dances After Hearing Mother’s Voice for the First Time

Kennedy Steele, 3, was born without auditory nerves and was thus never able to hear. With the help of a brain implant, she was recently able to hear her mother’s voice for the first time, pushing her to dance with joy
baby laughing and smiling

Scientists Reveal Why Laughter is Contagious

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes start to laugh at strange moments? Like when a joke was not funny or when you just can not stop laughing? Professor Sophie Scott may have the answer, as she recently revealed on Ted
lee kuan yew

Singapore’s Founding Father Lee Kuan Yew Dies at 91

Lee Kuan Yew, the man who transformed the city of Singapore into the city it is today, has died at the age of 91. He had been hospitalized for a few weeks following a case of pneumonia and had been placed
Tony Elumelu

Nigeria’s Tony Elumelu Determined to Fund 1,000 African Entrepreneurs

In a push to boost the African continent’s private sector, Tony Elumelu, a Nigerian billionaire, has taken it upon himself to fund the business ideas of 1,000 burgeoning African entrepreneurs. This latest initiative to help boost Africa’s private sector is a project
Kam Brock

Woman Sent to Mental Hospital Over Comment About President Obama Following Her on Twitter

Careful, because bragging about who follows you on Twitter could land you in a mental hospital. That is exactly what happened to Kam Brock, 32 after she told a doctor that the President follows her on the social networking site. She
German Genome

Apple Shaped Gene Discovered by Scientists

If you’ve tried every diet and “lifestyle change” on the market, but still just can not seem to get rid of your muffin top, an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise may not be the only thing to blame. Scientists have