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Medicare Word Cloud Concept

Health Care Specialists Expect Pending Changes for Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid will both most likely change significantly in the next few years, according to health care specialists. Genevieve M. Kennedy, who works for the Urban Institute, stated to an audience in Kansas City that the first thing to change

Judge Shoots Down Pastor Led Group to Reverse Transgender Rights to File Grievances

A group’s effort to reverse a Houston ordinance allowing transgender people the right to file a complaint if they are refused the use of public restrooms failed recently, and the ordinance will not be put to a vote. The group was
Kristen Lindsey

Texas Veterinarian Fired Over Killing Cat With a Bow and Arrow

A Texas vet, Kristen Lindsey, has been released from her position as a vet after she uploaded a photo of her with a dead cat she killed with a bow and arrow to a social networking site. The 31-year-old vet believed
hookers for hillary

Bunny Ranch Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton has found an improbable source of support from her bid for the 2016 presidential elections in certain workers of the sex industry. A Nevada house of prostitution has begun a campaign in which they are driving the catchphrase “Hookers
white history month sign

Deli Owner Forced to Shut down Business After Posting White Pride Sign

  A New Jersey man has lost so much business from his deli recently that he’s going to be forced to close his doors. He had the bright idea to celebrate “White History Month” and asked patrons to come in and
The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Skout Releases National Study About Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Cheese and bread lovers should not forget to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day this Sunday, April 12th. The grilled cheese sandwich exists in many varieties, so the social networking site in charge of helping people meet each other, Skout, decided to
texas medical board april 2015 bulletin

Texas Medical Board Votes to Reduce Telemedicine

Earlier today, the Texas medical board decided in a vote to seriously limit a doctor’s ability to prescribe medicine or make a diagnosis via the telephone or a video conferencing call. The new rules would require doctors to first see the
Chef Joan Cheever

Police Issue Citation to Local Chef for Feeding Homeless People

A San Antonio chef, Joan Cheever, was sited a couple of days ago for feeding the homeless in a city park. Cheever owns a not for profit food truck, called The Chow Train, and uses it to help feed those who
Drake Search Engine

New Drake Themed Search Engine Hits the Market

Just what you have been waiting for whether you are a big Drake fan or not… there is at last a search engine dedicated only to answering important questions about the world-famous pop star. It riffs on how Google has become
Aurora Aerial Reflection Floor Server Room

Intel and Cray Awarded $200 Million Government Contract

Cray and Intel are going to work together to manufacture a 180PFLOPS supercomputer. The US Government is expected to be paying the companies $200 million to build the computer, which will be named Aurora. Intel is going to be in charge