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clear safety goggles

California Porn Stars Might Soon Be Required to Wear Goggles

Hazards come with any job, but depending on your occupation you might just have to worry about a paper cut vs major harm to your body.But when it comes to your eyes you can never be too careful. Especially if you sit for
hearing aid

Hearing Loss Prevalent Amongst Adult Hispanic/Latino Americans

In the United States, the percentage of adults (persons 18 years of age and older) in the American population at large that are said to experience some form of hearing loss is approximately 15 percent. Recently a National Institute of Health
drinking water danger sign

New Water Protection Rule Issued by Obama

Today the Obama administration issued a new rule, under the Clean Water Act, to protect the nation’s water resources such as wetlands and streams for providing safe and clean drinking water and to protect from pollution and degradation. The Environmental Protection
quantum theory test

Australian National University Tests Quantum Theory

Ever since the quantum theory appeared around 1900, researchers started calling it ‘strange’.  It asked questions like, ‘can particles be in several places simultaneously?’, ‘what are the parallel worlds and are there more that keep being created in the universe?’, ‘is
SpaceX Fairing

Pentagon Approves SpaceX to Launch Military Satellites

You may recognize the name Elon Musk as the billionaire entrepreneur behind the Tesla car and PayPal. Now, Musk will also be able to get in on military contracting. The Pentagon has finally certified his company, SpaceX, to launch military satellites.
stethoscope and money

Obamacare Rates Are on the Rise

Now that the 2016 initial Obamacare rates have been filed in most states, some of the requested increases are in the double digits. Some of the highest rate increases are the following: Tennessee wants 36%, Oregon 25%, Maryland 30%, and New
Alameda Creek Dam damaged

California Dam Vandalized and Releases 50 Million Gallons of Water

Yesterday, Alameda County Police Department in California reported a dam have been deflated, causing 50 million gallons of water to end up being dumped into the San Francisco Bay Area. This would be considered a terrible thing to have happened anywhere,
Solomon stuffed owl

Colorado Defendant Attends Hearing With Stuffed Owl Lawyer

Colorado resident Charles Abbot recently arrived to court with his lawyer. Funny enough, his lawyer is an owl. Abbot had allegedly violated a protection order that was issued after he assaulted his roommate at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The two men
St. Louis Missouri Skyline Night

Robber Flees When He Learns Intended Target Is From St. Louis

St. Louis, once the capital of Missouri and also known as the Gateway to the West, is infamous for being one of America’s most dangerous cities. So when a Seattle man originally hailing from St. Louis was accosted by an armed
cell phones banned

School Cell Phone Ban Yields Better Test Results

In the United States, about 73% of teenagers own a cell phone. In the UK, that number is even higher, at 90.3%. Cell phones have become a ubiquitous presence in teenagers’ lives – including at school, where they are a major