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California Passes New Bill Limiting Vaccine Exemptions

Disease outbreaks among children are not rare even in the 21st century when there actually means to prevent them. Too many people have been opting out to vaccine their children. Some blamed their religious views, others the alleged connection between vaccines
Jonathan Ryan Davis

Pennsylvania Man Charged With Statutory Rape and Making 3 Girls Drink His Blood

A man from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania is facing charges in a bizarre sex crime case. According to police, he had sex with a minor and made three underage girls drink his blood. Jonathan Ryan Davis, 21 has been charged with statutory rape,
Jeb Bush

33 Years of Tax Returns of Jeb Bush Are Now Accessible to Everybody

Jeb Bush, the Republican Presidential Candidate recently divulged 33 years of tax records that showed his net worth ranged between $19 million and $22 million. The show of transparency puts pressure on Democrat Hilary Clinton along with his Republican competitors to
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New Research Shows Seniors More Open to Discuss Sex

According to society, there’s an age when sex loses its priority and other things become more important. But researchers of Ben-Gurion University say something else. According to recent paper published in the Journal of Leisure Research, the team and their research
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U.S. Supreme Court Sets New Legal Precedent Favoring Same-Sex Marriages

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court established a legal precedent by ruling in favor of same-sex marriages nationwide. The court ruled that the denial of marriage licenses and consideration of same-sex couples violates the Due Process and the Equal Protection clauses of
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New Changes Announced From Top Social Media Companies

The top social media websites have released information about upcoming changes with their companies. They presented both employee data and boasted some updates about their platforms that are supposed to make for an easier users experience. According to a recent news
Kristen Lindsey holding up dead cat

Former Vet Will Not be Charged in Cat Killing Case

Are you the sort who would have pets and kill them brutally without thinking twice then? Seems crude isn’t it? However, not for a Texas female who went forward and shot a pet cat by capturing an arrow through its mind
UC San Diego

UC San Diego Researchers Set New Records for Fiber Optic Communications

Due to the results of a recent experiment, the distance that information can now travel through optic cables has become stronger. Electrical engineers at the University of California recently achieved a new level of information transmission through fiber optic cables. As
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Obama Introduces New Hostage Policy for American Hostages

Earlier today, President Obama introduced changes to the current administration’s hostage policy guidelines to aid Americans held hostage by terrorists abroad and their families. Obama had long conversations at the White House with many hostage families, former hostages, officials and groups of
Brittany Williams Mud Run eye damage in hospital

Texas Woman Attacked by Flesh Eating Bacteria

Did you know bacteria may shut your straight down your vision and cause you to go blind? A mother from Texas recently found this out when she proceeded to go blind due to a flesh consuming bacteria she contracted through a