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Michael Bowen

Portland Man Lures 10-Year-Old Girl for Sex

Michael Bowen, 22, from Portland, Oregon, was arrested for trying to meet a 10-year-old girl allegedly with the purpose of having sex with her. Several charges were filed against him, including luring a minor and attempted rape in the first degree,
man and woman erectile dysfunction

New Study Reveals Men Need a New Excuse for Not Using Condoms

Finally and once and for all, science came to the rescue of all the women struggling to persuade their sexual partners that putting on a condom is actually a good idea. If you ever hear the words like “it’s not for
marijuana and money

Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenues Are as High as the People

Since Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age or older in 2012, business has been growing, bringing more and more money to the state budget. State budget income from the cannabis sector nearly doubled from $25 million
Petit Bé Fort Vauban

Romantic Getaway Ends in Tragedy When French Couple Falls to Their Death Having Sex

Vauban Fort, a historic castle situated on Chausey Archipelago, France, is a beautiful historic site. The islands overlook the sea near northwestern France, and a moat encircles the crumbling castle walls. In the sunset, the brown walls take on a reddish
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Wants to Be the Savior of the American Middle-Class

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced earlier this week on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he wants to save the middle class. This revealing statement was uttered along with the emphasis that Trump wants to change the tax law so it
David Repsher

Flight for Life Paramedic of Downed Helicopter Fights for His Life

An investigation entailing the crash of a fatal Flight for Life helicopter crash that occurred in Colorado in early July is currently ongoing. The chopper crash occurred on July 3 just after it took off from St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center
Kitt Darrant and Renette Emile

Miami Teen Sentenced to Jail for Stabbing His Mother Over 100 Times

After three long years when Kitt Darrant (now 19) murdered his 35-year-old mother, the court sentenced him to 28 years in prison. Renette Emile was killed by her son in March 2012 after the teenager came home from school one day.
Dwayne Gentles and puppy xray

New York Man Jailed for Beating Puppy to Death

29-year-old New-Yorker, Dwayne Gentles has been accused of beating up a puppy almost to death and has been sentenced to one year in prison. The jury verdict is the highest penalty allowed by law regarding the misdemeanor, injuring an animal. In
Department of Housing and Urban Development audit

Audit Reveals 25,000 Families Living in Subsidized Housing Earn Income Over Eligibility Limits

A government audit has found that over 25,000 families are living in low-income housing despite earning incomes above the eligibility limit. The Office of Inspector General conducted the audit into the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. Among its
ATM machine

Kansas Abandons Plans to Impose Limit on ATM Withdrawals for Low Income People

Kansas originally planned to implement legislation that would limit the maximum ATM withdrawal per transaction to $25 for welfare recipents. While Republican supporters, including Senator Michael O’Donnell, say that this measure was intended to make sure welfare recipients use the money