Kanye West on Twitter: ‘Bill Cosby Innocent!!!!!’

Bill Cosby centre is accompanied by his attorneys Brian McMonagle left and Monique Pressley as he arrives at court to face a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault in Elkins Park Pa

Kanye West has finally explained the title of his long-awaited album on the eve of its release – for the most part.

To celebrate the release of his album, Kanye will premiere ‘T.L.O.P.’ at an event in Madison Square Garden alongside the debut of his Yeezy Season 3 fashion line, but won’t be performing.

The identity of the titular Pablo is unclear.

If you Google “Greatest Artist of the 20th Century” Pablo Picasso’s name appears; Kanye has, in recent weeks, been calling himself the one of the greatest artists of all time. Anything can happen at this point. Perhaps Mr. West is becoming the most interesting rapper globally, or the world just can’t get enough Kanye.

The 38 year old musician who is known for his indecisive nature tweeted on February 10th about his upcoming album.

It seems as though several songs featured on Kanye’s previously teased tracklist haven’t been included in the latest album, although they could have easily been retitled. Fans assumed the “Pablo” whom West was referring to is Pablo Picasso…or Pablo Neruda.

Maybe Kanye West needs to stay away from Twitter because he once again ignited outrage Tuesday afternoon, this time for tweets that proclaimed Bill Cosby innocent, apologized to National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan for an earlier diss and ranted about Kylie Jenner’s reported shoe deal with Puma.

There aren’t any more days to wait for Kanye West’s T.L.O.P. We’d like to say it’ll be called T.L.O.P, but you never know, it could be F.L.O.P before it arrives.

The singer originally titled the album Swish before renaming it Waves in January and then settling with the last minute change to TLOP.

Just prior to West’s post about Cosby, his wife Kim Kardashian West posted a rant of her own.